Service to humanity

Education has always been my lifelong ambition. But when I joined Namal my ambitions evolved and I wanted a promising career. However, after graduation from Namal, I realized that in addition to these two there is one other thing that should be a part of our life’s goal and that is SOCIAL SERVICE.

Today Isma Hira Khan is pursuing her Master’s degree from the National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) while simultaneously pursuing her job as a software engineer at Tech Access Pakistan. She is also enthusiastically shouldering an additional burden by volunteering for Chadar; an initiative for providing educational services as well as basic necessities to the most disadvantaged individuals. ˝How do you manage to simultaneously handle education, work, and community service?˝ Isma Hira responds by saying that it is what Namal has inculcated in us. ˝These should be a permanent part of our life goals.˝

Isma Hira Khan
From Islamabad
Graduated in 2014