Enhancing Agricultural Productivity through Engineering Intervention

Agriculture may not seem like the ideal fit for someone with an electrical engineering background but Abu Bakar begs to differ. "Agriculture is our biggest industry and today it has to be managed in an increasingly mechanical way. There must be engineering intervention to maximize yields." Abu Bakar's business is a prime example of harnessing engineering ideas to boost agriculture production. He operates a tunnel farm for growing off-season crops. " In my hometown of Bahwalnager my family possesses plenty of land. After my graduation, I requested my father to grant me portion of the land for developing my own farm using plastic tunnel technology. This enables me to grow crops in a controlled environment. So far I have been able to grow wheat and rice." We asked Abu Bakar about which course was especially useful in helping him set-up his farm. His response was Project Management. "After my time at Namal University, I have developed the habit of working hard and that really helped in setting up my farm". Abu Bakar is very excited about Namal’s Agribusiness School. "If you need any of my services please do contact me". Abu Bakar (BSc Electrical Engineering, Graduate 2015)