Against All Odds

I am the first girl of Namal College to be selected as principal candidate of Global Ugrad Exchange Program. Behind my success is a story of many struggles. I grew up in a society which had social and cultural restrictions to female education. The time when most fathers accompanied their daughter to school, I lost mine in a car accident. Despite having limited resources, I never stopped dreaming; in fact I developed a never ending courage to follow my dreams no matter what comes through. I faced many challenges on my way to university. Managing the cultural pressure on girl’s education and solving the financial problems due to hefty education fee drained me emotionally. That was the time when Imran Khan’s vision became my strength. I not only got admission in Namal College but also secured a scholarship. Now I am a student of computer science at Namal College Mianwali. I hope for a great future ahead. Naveed Hakim