The olive tree plantation initiative is full of promise and demonstrates the strong commitment Namal has for sustainability and rural uplift. The plantation drive was inaugurated by Chairman, Imran Khan, on November 12, 2017. Subsequently, 1,000 olive trees have been planted on 4 acres of land in the college vicinity. 

The plantation initiative at Namal is in collaboration with Barani Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Chakwal. Since its inception in 1979 BARI has been working to materialize the region’s agricultural potential. Consequently, Mianwali and surrounding districts have been marked as the ‘Olive Zone’. The partnership with BARI involved technical expertise at all stages from site identification to the eventual plantation of trees. In addition to technical assistance, BARI also extended in kind support in the form of Arbequina Olive Trees, a distinct species of olive tree that is imported from Spain.