Students of Agribusiness unveiled the name of Agri-Tech Center during the Mr. Imran Khan’s meeting with the Namal Family. The Nisar Aziz Agri-Tech Center is a result of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Namal Institute and Mr. Ashar Aziz, Founder and Chairman of SkyElectric, Inc. The center is named after Mr. Ashar Aziz’s mother. Mr. Ashar Aziz is also Member, Board of Governors of Namal Institute and is actively supporting Namal’s efforts to create a robust agricultural economy through technology. The primary object and purpose of setting up the center is to impart modern agricultural education and training to the youth and farmers of the impoverished communities to enable them to learn low cost modern farming techniques in order to address the agricultural problems through effective technological solutions. This new initiative is poised to bring prosperity to Mianwali and surrounding seven districts with a combined population of 8 million people who m