Cultural Day 2022

Mar 26 2022

The Cultural Day is an annual tradition at Namal University. The event showcases performances by students and exhibits the diversity of Pakistani cultural heritage

Cricket Match at Namal

Feb 20 2022

Namal’s Cricket Ground hosted a major match among the students. The ground offers spectacular vistas of the surrounding area.

Get-together at Pakistan Yarn Merchant Association

Jan 04 2022

Members of the Pakistan Yarn Merchant Association (PYMA), Faisalabad gathered to join Namal’s mission in empowering the students, especially the rural youth.

Sports Gala for Namal School

Dec 31 2021

Namal’s Primary School held a major sports event at Namal’s Residential Campus. Primary school students from grade 1 to grade 9 participated in a number of games including cricket, volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis, and more.

Mentorship Program

Dec 14 2021

Namal held the first session of its Mentorship Program to provide professional grooming to students at Namal University