Mentorship Program

"Become a Mentor and Inspire New Generation of Leaders"

Ever wondered how you are impacting the lives of students who benefit from your contributions? Namal acknowledges the desire of donors to connect with students and the change they are helping to bring about. For this purpose, the Mentorship program has been launched. This initiative develops a connection between the donor and the student they are sponsoring and helps them both grow and learn from contrasting perspectives.


When you decide to become a part of the Mentorship program you get to pick a student that you can mentor. You are then facilitated to develop a relationship with your student to support them in securing their dreams. You not only contribute financially but also help the student’s intellectual development and open them to new perspectives and avenues in life. You help enhance their knowledge, values, and skills and become part of the student’s special journey as they go through life’s key moments.


If you want to become an active part of the movement and follow the impact that you are making you should opt to be a Mentor. The great sense of achievement and fulfillment that you’ll gain when your mentee graduates and when you see them change the course of their family’s lives is irreplaceable. Furthermore, your connection with your mentee serves to help them beyond financial support. You get to guide them and mold them to become the kind of leader you want to see in Pakistan. You can counsel them regarding their career choices and help them build connections. This little effort from your side can go a long way in bringing transformational change to the community.


To become a Mentor share your details with us by clicking on the button below. We will get back to you with more details on how to start your journey with a student. 


Students can learn about new tools, new technologies, and new ways to conduct themselves


Students get the opportunity to network with professionals from all over the world

Career Counselling

Through the Mentorship Program, students can explore various career options and understand the industrial requirements