About Namal Institute

Namal Institute was the first step in materializing the vision of Namal Knowledge City which was taken in the year 2008. The college lies 30 km outside the city of Mianwali at the heart of rural Punjab, Pakistan. Beautifully encased in a mountainous terrain overlooking Namal lake, the college provides undergraduate education with three programs namely BSc Computer Science, BSc Electrical Engineering, and Green BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration).

What Makes Namal Institute Unique?

-  The only rural sector university in Pakistan
-  Established in 2008
-  97% of students are offered financial aid
-  30% of graduates acquired First Class Honors from University of Bradford in 2019
-  1,000 acres of land is owned by Namal
-  Students come from 61 districts of Pakistan
-  Teacher to student ratio 1:10
-  40 faculty members, 30 PhD faculty members
-  10 entrepreneurial ventures established by Namal students
For more details on programs and admissions please visit: https://www.namal.edu.pk/