Projects for Impact

Mera Maweshi

'Mera Maweshi' is a mobile phone application which helps farms diagnose the diseases of their animals. Farmers can input 89 clinical symptoms to diagnose 33 most common diseases of livestock. The application has proved to be accurate more than 80% of the time. It is available on Google Play Store and is currently being used by more than 1,000 farmers in and around Mianwali.

Meri Zameen

‘Meri Zameen’ is a machine learning based pH and soil nutrients forecasting through the state-of-the-art soil laboratory hosted in the Nisar Aziz Agri-Tech Center at Namal. The conventional process starts with taking soil samples from field. Samples are sent to the soil laboratory for analysis and then the physical and chemical properties are shared with the farmer.

Meri Fasal

‘Meri Fasal’ provides image-based disease diagnosis of crops using machine learning. Through this app farmers in our rural areas can overcome some of the common challanges as it will facilitate them in timely diagnosis of crop diseases enabling them to take effective measures to detect the nutrients deficiencies to manage these diseases. Artificial-Intelligence-based diagnosis. Up to 95% classification accuracy

Prototype for Solar-Powered Car

Electrical engineers, Asif Ahmed and Muhammad Iqbal, have collectively developed a solar powered car which can go up to 50 km per hour. The car was developed from locally sourced materials and can drive for up to 80 kilometers after being fully charged. Namal Institute is exploring more opportunities for harnessing renewable energy. The main focus is to develop a commercial model which will be affordable to the people in rural communities throughout Pakistan.