Friends of Namal, Inc. (FON) is a non-profit tax exempt coorperation duly formed and registered in the United States of America under Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Section 501(c)3. FON is a separate entity, established with the objective of raising funds in USA to financially support students studying at Namal Institute, Mianwali (NIM) as well construction of new academic blocks and the other facilities needed for NIM's expansion.

In case you decide to make a donation to FON's bank account, please notify Friends of Namal, Inc. with your contact details, purpose of the donation along with the proof of the payment transaction (Email: Please also note that FON will be responsible for the initial confirmation of donation.

For details on donating directly to Namal Education Foundation ( Pakistan ) , please click here

Bank Name: Wells Fargo
Account Title : Friends of Namal, Inc.
Account Number : 3704204332