Become a Mentor - Empower a Student

Join students to embark on their journey of transformation. With your mentorship these future leaders of Pakistan can uplift themselves, their families, and their communities. You can start this ripple effect of change by sponsoring the complete cost of educating one or more students: Please note: the cost covers tuition fee, lab fee, accommodation, food, transportation, and other expenses.
  • Profile of student will be shared with the mentor
  • The mentor may select students from 71 districts of Pakistan
  • Academic results of students will be shared regularly with all mentors
  • Mentors may also provide internship/job opportunities


Your payment will be processed in PKR equivalent based on live bank conversion rates. All information entered is encrypted and secured by a bank server. Your credit card number is not stored in any way by Namal or any of its sister concerns.
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Choose Sponsorship Categories Amount (PKR)
Support 1 student for 1 month 54,167
Support 1 student for 1 year 650,000
Support 1 student for 4 years 2,600,000

For customized sponsorship plan or any other amount.

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