Run for Namal

Wali Khan, Member of Namal Knowledge City and Chief Organizer for the 100 Cities Campaign in Singapore, continues to serve as an inspiration to us. Wali survived a life threatening road accident on 18th July, 2018. He had multiple surgeries and now has titanium implants in his hip & leg.

Since his accident he has been inspired to dedicate his life to supporting Namal. Wali is training hard & preparing to run 5km on the anniversary of his accident on 20th July, 2019. We will be donating all the funds collected from this endeavour to Phase 1 of the Namal Sports Complex.

Wali says, “maybe I will never play sports again but if because of me someone else can do so and dream big it makes all the pain & suffering I am going through worth it!”

Your contribution will go a long way towards making the Namal Sports Complex a reality and changing the lives of a whole generation of students!


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