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“There are moments that change lives. For me that moment happened on 18th July 2018. I was involved in a motorbike accident on the PIE highway in Singapore. This was the start of the darkest days of my life. I spent 72 nights in the hospital, the first 10 being in the ICU, as I fought for my life.

In simple terms I broke my ankle, my shinbone broke in two and came out of my leg. My hip broke in six places. I also broke & dislocated my left shoulder. I was told I will probably never walk properly and never run again. BUT, miraculously I'm in one piece. After multiple surgeries the amazing doctors saved my leg from amputation and saved my hip. They put titanium implants in my body and literally nailed my hip and leg back in place. I was off the wheelchair and onto crutches after 3.5 months (14 weeks). Currently – several months later - I’m on a walking stick as I learn to walk again.

I will run 5km and raise money for Namal Knowledge City so that someone may benefit from my struggle to overcome, so that my ordeal doesn’t go in vain. Maybe I will never play sports again but if because of me someone else can do so and dream big it makes everything I am going through worth it.

At Namal, our talented students can play sports but they don’t have the facilities. Join me as I rebuild my body and my mind, and try to turn around the pain of the last several months into something positive and support the effort to build quality sporting facilities in the country’s first Knowledge City.”

Wali Khan, Founding Member of Namal Knowledge City and Chief Organizer for the 100 Cities Campaign in Singapore. Since his accident he has founded Overcome, a support community where people share their stories of overcoming adversity and help others do so. Support him on this cause and follow his journey:


Instagram: walikhan.86

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